Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monkey Behemoth

It's made from millions of monkeys and creates a deafening squeal as it lumbers through the jungle seeking vengeance. Also some other stuff...

Acryic 4X9 & 3 Pencil 4x9


Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Mermaid

I used a 60's GI Joe for the diving suit reference and wound up painting this mermaid three times. In the first she was more feral which in retrospect was perfectly fine. The second had a new face and was topless but felt unfinished. The third take includes the pearls and not very original shell bikini which at least breaks up her coloring. I think she's creepily pretty so I'm ultimately satisfied with the piece but sometimes the first idea is worth sticking with. Stop me if I start repeating any of these. I'm sometimes forgetful with the lead poisoning and all.

Acrylic 9X12


Pirate Infusion

It's been a month since I posted something about pirates. Here are a couple of character sketches from some random pirate-related effort, created and discarded at some point in time. The top one is derived from a concept by animation artist David Gosman.

Acrylic 8X10 & Pencil 8X10