Sunday, January 11, 2009

Graven Image

This little studio run by Joseph Reiter came to me and asked to do a statue of Sam & Max. It recently started shipping and is one substantial hunk o' flotsam - and I mean that in a good way. I did the sketch on the right and I like the simple lines of the sculpt by Joe Simon. Symbiote Studios offers the statue at their site.

Here's a nice shot by Adam B from a review on the site What's Your Obsession:
More shots there although Sam's head is placed weirdly askew in one of them as they are in some of the shots at Captain Toy where, though they seem to like the item, Sam is not quite assembled to the base and is sporting his lid sideways.



newman said...

love it very much - excellent!


Falthorn said...

I went ahead and ordered that bad boy about an hour ago and just now got the 'shipped' notification. Very exciting!

Lois2037 said...

Those look fabulous! Maybe they'll still be in stock by the time we get paid for something.

Mathieu Beaulieu said...

It looks great!!

Sai said...

Amazing! =D

Junaid said...

Just a quick question; did they also use Telltale's 3D models as reference of did you draw the different views?

Javi Recio said...

wounderfull Steve.
I bought the other day the book "Roge leader " the art from Lucas Arts. It gave me great longing to see all these fantastic games of 80`s and 90`s. Although I would have liked to see more of yours sketches and less art from "Star Wars".Byes

Emma said...

That is so cool... They did a great job translating your shapes and lines into solid space.
It looks like they come off the base? That means the rat holding the hot dog could be repurposed as a hood ornament! So could Max.

Not that I would wreck a piece of art to glue it to my car.

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Thanks everybody!
Junaid -- They worked from four sketches that I did rather than the 3D models.

fizzymitsu said...

I pre-ordered mine back at the beginning of December. It arrived I think two weeks ago. I think its great! I've wanted Sam & Max action figures for a long time, and this statue fills that void nicely. Starchie, I read somewhere if they sell well they are going to make another one? Is this true or rumors?

Penny said...

Very good statue!

Do you have an email where I could send a picture you will love it? is a tattoo made from one of your drawings.

If you want to give me the email I could send it to you.

(mine is )


and keep on being so good!


Jamie Baker said...

aw man... that is super

Howard Shum said...

Awesome statue!

Mitchel Kennedy said...

WOW I didn't know that you had a blog!! I love Sam & Max!

Great statue, too!

SilentSibs said...

I just got mine today and put it together. I love it! I'm pretty impressed how well they translated your art style into 3D. You have a very distinct way of illustrating the Sam and Max world(especially the cute rats), and they captured it perfectly.

I do have a couple grievances about it, tho. I think Sam's fedora's brim is too straight, it should be wavier, like in the illustration. I also always picture Max's ears less rigid than they're often portrayed in 3D. I imagine them a little more floppy. Also, my Sam's feet don't fit perfectly in the base, I have to angle him slightly forward in order for the bottom not to be exposed in the front.

Overall, it's just a damned beautiful work of art. Thanks to Steve for (1) informing us on his blog to this, and (2) working with obviously the right people for this sort of thing. It'll be a centerpiece on my desk until its inevitable accidental destruction at the paws of my cat.

kaiina said...

it's a good idea this 3D model
And what about a Guybrush threepwood statue ? :)

Oliver Kurth said...

Mindcrackingly beautiful!