Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Here's a Toybox piece done for a charity auction. I enjoy doing figures against a chopped-in white background. I can have fun with the characters without getting bogged down in a location. And I like letting some of the under painting peek through.
These characters are still puzzling to me. I can never count on the way they will turn out. I'm fairly satisfied with this version of them, though. Any time Ernie plays the uke, it's a ditty, hence the repeat title. Somebody let me know if I start recycling my posts.



Unknown said...

Very nice!

fizzymitsu said...

This looks great! As a side note I thought I'd tell you... my sister is planning on getting these characters tattooed on her shoulder. Its the picture of them standing infront of a big Sunflower.

Jean-Louis said...


Lois2037 said...

I always love seeing these characters -- uke playing is a plus!

nihohit said...
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nihohit said...

Hey, I didn't find a way to contact you, so - they posted old lucas arts box art as posters in the lucas arts forum.
Do you permit using your art freely? Can I make them posters?

Carl Diehl said...


Is there a preferred way of contacting you without posting on the blog?

Thank you,

Carl Diehl

Stef Anse said...

I want to aks, if you do some teaching for art anywhere; cause - no flattery - the describtions of your works are often inspiring, cause we can read your blitheness for them and get some information of your approach. If you recycling any of these posts or not (I dont know, my advertency is lower than my gift for your language).

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

fizzymitsu --
I'd love to see that tattoo if your sister goes through with it. I should do a collection of all the ones I've seen over the years.

nihohit --
Those poster files are nicely done. I don't have a problem with you printing them. LucasArts owns the copyrights to those packages. It's when people start selling stuff like that I'm assuming would get their attention.

Carl Diehl --
You can write me at: stevepurcell@hotmail.com.

Antonik-Seidler --
I have not taught very much. I suppose if I put my mind to it I could organize my thoughts enough to teach a class but haven't had time or motivation to do it so far.

Gael Monsour said...

good lights Steve!

best regards from Spain.

G. —elninodiamante.blogspot.com—

Anonymous said...

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