Monday, May 04, 2009

Blue Bear

Here's a little gift for a friend's new born son painted one evening while watching a particularly terrifying episode of "Breaking Bad". Fortunately the image was immune to the suspense and horror I endured.
Acrylic 3 X 5



Dani Gómez said...

So cute!

Caveat Production said...

Love this painting, but I love the story behind it more. Unfortunately I can remember every song, tv show, movie, etc. I was listening during the creation of every drawing or painting I've ever made. I love that this sweet image is poison forever by Brian Cranston in his underwear making meth.

Mitchel Kennedy said...

WOW... beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Purcell!

I'm Stefano Caselli: I'm a comic book artist @ Marvel and I'm a comic advisor for a big Italian publisher.

I'm a big fan of yours, and I'd love to find a way to publish SAM & MAX in Italy.

If you're interested please contact me here:

I'll be more than happy to give you all the informations about the company.

Thank you so much!!!

gilau said...

<3 vey nice.

Joe Saul said...

Breaking Bad is a very entertaining show. By watching it I now feel better prepared to start my own drug cartel in a urban area. Coming to a suburb near you!

Long-time fan of your work Mr Purcell, Sam & Max Hit the Road was one of the best games I played in my youth.

And now that I'm a miss-guided adult I was wondering if you could bring another nugget of Sam & Max goodness.

I saw the flaming Max tattoo sported earlier in your blog and thought to myself; I gotta get me suma that.

Although I've had an idea concerning it. The goodness I would like to see tattooed onto a body part would be picture of Sam & Max.

Specifically their heads, morphed into some kind of comic yin-yan parody. Maybe Sam eating Max's ears and Max nibbling on Sam's chin. Or something to that effect.

It strikes me as something of a brilliant twist on the yin-yan. Zany Order and Mad Chaos combined.

If this idea tickles your fancy please send me a copy, I would be most grateful.


Jay Fabares said...

this is awesome! too cute!

Oliver Kurth said...

That's rally cute!

Christopher Heady said...

What episode of Breaking Bad were you watching?

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Christopher Heady --
It was the one with the informer drug lord's severed head mounted onto the back of an exploding tortoise.
That's entertainment!