Sunday, April 25, 2010

P. Mudpuppy

Here is my contribution to a local art show that kicked off the infamous Petaluma Butter and Eggs Day weekend which itself is a celebration of debauchery and unleashed id in a David Lynchean vision of quaint parade floats and cute babies in fluffy chickie costumes. The Petaluma River cuts through the western downtown area and the art show at the Heebee Jeebee Boomerang Gallery is called the River Monster Project.

Acrylic 9X12



Zack said...

Love this creature!


drewdogg said...

this is bad-ass, sir.

Fran Johnston said...

Weird creature. Lovely painting.

Lois2037 said...

I really like this guy's attitude!

Am said...

Omg, he's too cute @@