Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Guy's

Here's a caricature of Dick Swan. Dick had a great comic store in the south San Francisco Bay Area for many years and he shares my love of 60's toys especially Nutty Mads and Weird Ohs models. He still sells rare comic books on ebay. I can't remember the occasion that prompted this drawing but was fun to depict The Big Guy as one of those great old "fink' type toys.

Pencil and Ink 8X10



Urnfs said...

you've ripped it off "grim fandango" just admit it! :P

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Aww, this stuff goes back before Tim Schafer was born. Check the links!

drewdogg said...

Yeah, 60's inspired work.

Pulled the style off really well. The details make it come together. If this was in colour it would've really popped and have looked authentic.

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

I have some sketches for a Sam & Max version of this stuff that I would like to do in color.

Andrew Barr said...

I've tried that style once or twice, weirdly for the driving section of the newspaper I work for, and it never looked quite boss enough.
love the black and white look of it. looks like one of the Roth t-shirts I'm way too young to have ever owned.

Micah Kaneshiro said...

I always loved the energy in the Roth drawings. I think this looks amazing just as a black and white illustration.