Friday, September 17, 2010

Ancient Purcell Art on ebay

A friend of mine posted an auction for a some original pages I did for his book Fish Police. They were done around the same time as the first Sam & Max comic and are penciled and inked in the same style. I sort of like the John Candyish salesman guy and remember having fun drawing the pissed off octopus.

If you've ever browsed some of my comics pages to possibly purchase, he's posting the four page story on ebay. Steve Moncuse created Fish Police and wrote this short, and even if you don't bid on the auction you should at least thank him for being the one to publish the first Sam & Max comic book.

Pencil and Ink 10X15 x 4



Utau-Inu said...

when I first saw that turtle I thught this was going to be a gag about the Art Institute drawing test.

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks for sharing, Steve. I bid but lost in the last seconds :( Hope there'll be a next time for me to get your original artwork.. :)


Lois2037 said...

Oh, I remember those so well! Wish I could afford that kind of thing...

drewdogg said...

I instantly recognized your lettering Lois. Excellent work.

I also bid for this and lost. Was at work and couldn't monitor the last minutes of it.

gilau said...

loveyour octopus, on general xD