Monday, September 06, 2010

Pirate Contract

So if it was really a contract it probably wouldn't have a bunch of pirate skeletons scrawled all over it. I can't quite remember how this piece came to be. Something about trying to dress up a document with images. I like something about it though it doesn't quite make sense anymore.

Acrylic and Digital 11X14



Unkiedev said...

"Oi can't soign dis' contract! T'is got skellytons all about it, it does!"

"Arg yeah flea bitten maggot! Sign AROUND the Skelletons, If you know what's good for yea'!"

"*Sigh* Dat' t'was naught but an excuse, Captain. Oi Can't soign dis' 'ere contract 'cause Oi can't read."

"Arg me hearty! Illiteracy be a 9 pound cannonball fired right into a man's future prospects!"

Ciro Cangialosi said...

WOOOW I wANT A T-SHIRT like this!!!

Zack said...

You are a superior being.
I worship you


GuyR said...

Instant wallpaper, too.

Lois2037 said...

LOVE this! I agree -- it really should be a shirt, or at least printed on parchment.

Unknown said...

Very cool Steve

damon said...

wow rad super cool!!!

K said...

Hello Steve, long.time follower, first-time writer. Your work is a constant inspiration for us all and a source of endless awe and fun. By the way, if you are into really cool pirate-zombie-ninja-werewolf-comics, you might want to check out Thanks, and keep up the amazing work
Kristoffer from norway

Talyn said...

Wow, very awesome indeed! Would you be opposed to it if I had this printed up as a mousepad for myself? It would look great as one!

Am said...

Hey Steve,

I'm from France and I love your work. I grown up with all the LucasArts game and one of my favorite is Sam&Max. I loved all the mini games inside. Now I found your blog, i was looking for some LeChuck's pics and woaw, I found your website.

Thanks for all the amazing things yo do everyday.

gilau said...

The first time i so the pic on your blog this went directly to my inspairing pic folders,xD that indeed is full of your pics.