Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Bloody Lip

Speaking of Monkey Island; here's a rough sketch from one of the backgrounds for LeChuck's Revenge, the Bloody Lip Bar in downtown Wood Tick. Due to my severe brain cel loss and lead poisoning I don't tend to remember the names of these locations or much about the creation of these backgrounds, except that they were to be done in markers, so this one is a value sketch to spot the light source and shadows in anticipation of doing the final color art.

I do remember adding the ropes and hardware in the right foreground, thinking it would be fun to have the character pass behind those elements to create depth. Also I would look for opportunities to add fun details like the spitoon with overshot loogies all over the doorframe. I also liked adding anachronistic elements like the 50's era jukebox which sadly appears not to have made it into the final background.

Pen and Marker 8X10



pakoto said...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

As usual it is a brilliant rough sketch. I hope one day I can purchase one of your luxurious original works and I frame it for my gaming room (next to my "Tales of Monkey Island" poster signed by you and others stuffs by Tim Schafer or Don Bluth). ;-)

You are one of my favorites (videogame) artists/creators.

I talk about you on my french blog: ;-)

Vul Morcilla said...

Mr. Purcell:

My name is Diego. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I want to thank you for being part of my life. A part linked to the Adventure, to the video games, those mythical Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Sam & Max.

Your drawings are pure Magic. A delicate Art that tells stories without words. A Call to the Hero Adventure. Lines, contours, pure metaphysics.

I have stored posters of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, printed in various argentinean magazines. For me they’re jewels.

I never thought I could tell you this devotion, this respect I have for your work. I’m excited to write these words. I hope not bother you.

You're not an artist: you are something else, bigger. A sensitive spirit, creative, powerful.

If you have time, visit my blog. Perhaps you can draw for me a classic "empanada" of Argentina (Pastry). It would be a great honor, to my future Empanada’s Book.

A big and pirate hug
Diego .-

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Thanks for posting that piano piece. it's great!

Gregory-- Thanks for the link. I love being written about in a foreign lanquage. Just so you know, I did not do the Day of the Tentacle Star Wars cover. That is by the amazing Peter Chan - I'm sure you know his work well.

Vul Morcilla-- Wow. What could I say to all that? I'll check out your blog very soon. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I knew that the illustration was not of you, I just chose it because I spoke about the newspaper where you drew Sam and Max. In everything the cases I am mad about your work (and Peter Chan's work). At the moment I read Rogue Leaders: The History of LucasArts. ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Steve, I also grow with your art and I would like to pay tribute to you for being that important part of my life. I didn't know how to show you the 3d work until I found this blog. I did in 3d one of your art for the videogame cover.

I hope you like it. Please, keep in touch!

Best regards,

Luis Arizaga

Sr Hunker said...

Hi Mr Purcell!

Looking at your Monkey Island backgrounds, and comparing them with the background in the game, i can see that all they are different.

Ill explain myself:

First of all, the drawings in the game looks so pixeled, so i re-scaled your gouache drawing to see if it looks more like the game one. Nothing, the image looks just like at the begining.

So, my question is HOW did you do a normal process to create and finish a background? Did you use the computer to draw over the scanned one?

Would you mind to do a post or something similar?