Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sad Eyes

Here's a bizarre piece that is part of the current i am 8 bit show, an exhibition of artwork inspired by the classic era of video games.

Any time I've been involved with the show I've taken the opportunity to depict my favorite malevolent game character, Sinistar. This painting depicts him in what could be considered a moment of conflict for his countless evil deeds.

The i am 8 bit gallery lists this little painting for sale here.

Acrylic 12X6



AndyBundy said...

Long time no blogging. I really really missed it.

The character itself looks evil, yet there's a teardrop on its right cheek and then all those flowers around it which are obviously the same color like the character.

For real: How did you get this idea?

Russell Olson said...

Beware, I live!

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

AndyBundy - Just looking for ways to contrast the character with something counterintuitive. Click the Sinistar tag and you'll see the other versions I've done.

William Hunter said...

Run, coward!

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