Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pirates for Auction

There was a time in my life where drawing pirates was a more central part of my day-to-day activities. Here is a sampling of a couple of skeletal pirates along with a piratey monkey character from those richly rewarding days. They are original sketches on separate sheets but framed together at 18 X 22 inches. 

Late last year a hugely talented colleague of ours, Jamie Baker, had the poor luck to suffer a stroke a few weeks before his company health insurance kicked in, and is facing huge medical bills. The proceeds of this auction will help him pay down that debt and continue his promising recovery. 

If you're a fan of any of my old pirate or monkey-related art or know some who is, please bid or pass along word of the auction. But, good cause or not, go browse around, as there are dozens of rare and beautiful works by many well-known animation industry artists. 

In the meantime, I will see if I can find some more detailed scans of these pieces.

Bid and bid often!

Pencil and ink on paper - varied sizes



Unknown said...

The listing says no international postage, was that intentional? I'd love to bid, but I'm in Australia.

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Unknown - I'm not running the auction and so I assume they chose to keep the processing of the pieces as simple as possible.

jansen kos said...


Firstly, I cant say enough about how your artwork has influenced my career!
It all started with your work on the Monkey Island series, simply incredible!!!!

If you happen to have any original art or have any art relating to Monkey Island in the pipeline, then PLEASE let me know as I am an avid collector of your work in this series!
I will be happy to pay the necessary price for your work.

My contact is

Thanks again.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Is there any chance of catching up with you at a comic con at some point? Not only are you one of my all-time heroes, but I've got a copy of Sam and Max #1 that has been itching for a signature for years... :/

Bill Johnson said...

I happened across one of your pieces and was immediately captivated. I'd love to buy one. Please drop me a line at

Thank you.

El ErmitaƱo Amaya said...

Please, upload more of your art! THE WORLD NEEDS IT!