Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mod Mecha Max

Here's another version of the terrifying Max robot including a bit of the cockpit view.
10X16 Acrylic



Anonymous said...

Thank you for making my day.
You are a true genius
And I worship you

D. Moe said...

On both epic robots I can't help but notice one enters through where Max's genitals would be.

Maybe a similar port exists on the regular sized Max, finally answering the eternal question of where he keeps his gun?

Chris E. said...

I like the doodle of the cockpit. It's imaginative.

Lois2037 said...

Wow! Both versions are winners. Sure wish they had happened.

gilau said...

i dont know wish of the two mecha max is the best xD,this is so futuristic, and for some reson that i cant splain the other one makes me think more on an rpg game xD,bouth are perfect <3, but i was wishing to see the littles versions of sam and max draiving it, so thanx xD, so little and so detailed, amaizing steve, thats way your my hero sniff <3, tan chido.

X-Ray Cat said...

Hey Steve, sorry to interject an off-topic question, but do you (or anyone reading) have any idea where I can pick up the two sketchbooks, Age of S&M and Effigy Mound? I know they're sold out through Telltale, but a few shady comics dealers here and there have them available for upwards of $150, and I'd rather put the money straight in your hand.

Also, I really hope the exterior of this toy was meant to be old-school tin.

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

X-Ray Cat--
The sketchbooks are sold out officially though Telltale discovered a few copies in storage recently, they may have sold them out already. I have enough Sam & Max stuff for one or two more and will make it known here if I publish a new one anytime soon.

X-Ray Cat said...

Fantastic, I'll keep watch then. Thanks!

John said...

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