Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Draw something nice..."

When you grow up drawing monsters, sometimes along the way your Mom might ask if you can draw flowers or something "nice."
I eventually got around to painting some "nice" things for Mom. Here is an image I did one year for the folk's Christmas card depicting their schnauzer, Max. I think I based the composition on a found Christmas hang tag or something. I believe their dog was still living at the time, though the image might suggest otherwise.

4X6 Gouache and ink



Doug Levin said...

I have two daughters who love to draw and invite me to participate. I enthusiastically suggest we draw monsters or robots, but they insist on fairies, butterflies, puppies, and that sort of stuff. Perhaps somewhere there is a Christmas card with a toy poodle named Jolie.

Josh Kenfield said...

HA! Love this and your explanation for it.