Monday, January 24, 2011

Dial-a-Pirate Tattoo Sheet!

Happened across this sheet of Dial-a-Pirate ink drawings. The final versions of these heads were painted for the Monkey Island copy protection wheel. With all the Monkey Island tattoos that have been posted recently, it occurred to me that, maybe folks should consider a few of these pirate heads to disguise an unsightly mole or perhaps even to liven up a blank, pasty butt cheek or two.

Pen and Ink 11X14


UPDATE: Here, in case you never saw one or forgot or are making a polite effort to care, is an image (borrowed from KOTAKU") of the actual Dial-a-Pirate copy protection wheel in action:


Yuusou said...

Guess the best tattoos would be to mix the heads up like in the game and give the real codes below each mixed head. I guess you need the whole body for these code combinations... Ahhh good ol' times with "hardware" copy protection. Once a German developer used that idea back in 2006, where you could play until you had to mix some drinks and therefore needed the code wheel, quasi dial a drink. And the main character has been cursed and got some nice tattoo after a while.

Unknown said...

Oooh! Oooh! Is this piece of history for sale?

Fabrizio Bianchi said...

I still have this!!!

Unknown said...

This is really taking me back so many years... Amazing!

Commando said...

Wow! I've never seen this in such detail since I had the CD-ROM version.

Still have my Mix 'n Mojo wheel tho...

Josh Cooley said...


Unknown said...

Love it!! I still have mine!!

Unknown said...

I loved this game when it came out and now I am actually working on a project that is very much influenced by this code wheel called Randomhead. I made a quick-and-dirty Dial-A-Pirate version, I hope you'll enjoy it. Should work in a recent Firefox/Chrome browsers, and on the iPhone (try shaking!)

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