Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Here's a small piece done for a charity auction. I like putting the green with the orange and this one also has a bit more murk than usual. She seems to be an inhabitant of Toybox world.

Acrylic on board 4X9



eutrophic said...

damn, nice... love the focal point...

1914 said...

Awesome !
Need More !
Too long between posts ):
Are you posting somewhere different now?

Please make a new comic someday (:

Applebetty said...

Heya, Steve. You probably don't remember me, and I doubt you'll get this message at all, being that your last post was three years ago, but I asked you for comic advice in an email when I was just outta high school, and you said the following:

"Start with a small comic -- maybe a single page minicomic -- and finish it. Make your next comic three pages, and finish it. Make the next five pages, and finish it. Eventually you'll be doing full-length graphic novels like it's nothing."

I'm paraphrasing, but that, and a bit of encouragement, comprised your reply, and I never forgot it. I did just as you suggested, starting with a few single-page minicomics that I printed and passed out at college. That was about ten years ago at least; last summer I concluded a webcomic that had been updating two/three times a week for three years -- a martial arts comic called Daddy's Girl, which is now hosted on Tapastic if you're curious to see what you've inadvertantly wrought. I'm toying with another comic that will run for much longer and hopefully look better and get more exposure.

Anyway, wanted to say thanks for the advice all those years ago. Cheers!

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