Saturday, May 10, 2008


At one point I thought it might be fun to paint hideous clowns on cardboard. And by God I was right! Believe it or not this is the more charming of the few I actually did. I recently picked up the painting from storage at a gallery where it's presumably been scaring the mice away for about a year.



Unknown said...

Hi Steve, I´m a big fan (also I find clowns scary). Is there any chance of seeing something like a tutorial about your techniques, or a step by step of some of your paintings?

Karim said...

Heh yeah I've seen that one before. Pretty awesome. And I agree with Mar.

I have some other pictures of drawings you've done Steve, including a couple of Suda ones you haven't posted yet. Want me to upload the pics for you?

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

I have a few paintings I need to do in the near future. I will try to document the progress of one or two of them to post here.

I still have some Sudas I haven't posted yet. I usually scan everything so I probably already have the pics. Thanks, though.

Vujovic said...

Hey Steve. Love the clown. You should show us some more hideous ones too! I might give this whole clown thing a shot too, looks like fun.

Looking forward to seeing a documented progress-painting-work, if indeed you get around to it.

Wonder what you have lined up for Comic-Con? You seem to be a guest of honor there this year...

Lois2037 said...

YOW! That scared the bejesus out of me!!! You are either a total genius or a sick, sick individual. XD As a painting, this clown is very successful, though, and I may just try my hand at scary clowns (as if there is any other kind) on cardboard sometime soon, too.

Vujovic said...

Hey Steve, You've inspired me to paint a gross-looking clown of my own! If you have a minute, have a look on my website,


monkeyfeather said...

I find clowns exceptionally creepy. Don't like to be anywhere near them in fact. I find this painting very amusing though.

Vujovic said...

Thanks for the inspiring words!

Unknown said...

Steve, have you seen this? It's a publisher's advertisement for a book about LucasArts, and it apparently has some of your art in it:


I'm curious to know: Did you ever do that alternate design for the MI2 box as a full painting, like the final cover was, or was it just a small-scale concept piece?

Starchie Spudnoggen said...


I did three color comps for LeChuck. They are guoache paintings about 9x11. The actual cover is the only one I did as a full-size painting.

I submitted some pieces for the book but I have no idea who they interviewed or what artwork is in there. The Dynatron City painting in that ad is mine, but I can't remember who did the Sam & Max piece or which game it's from.