Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Are You?

From the ancient flat file strata, character sketches from some long-forgotten development project.
Some sharp little spud might be able to guess the property.
Pencil and smudge stick on bond paper.



Yosef said...

Holy crap... I found Steve Purcell's blog...


Sorry man... But you've got a watcher for life :D

I came here because of Sam and Max, but had NOOOOO idea you were such a damn good artist. Fantastic.


Javi Recio said...

Amazing Blog Steve.
Its good to know that great consacred artist like you spend a little of time to make a blog where everybody can see you Sketches and Paintings .
Sam and Max forever!!! Your drawing always has inspired me.

Vujovic said...

I've seen the girl before somewhere, but can't place it right now. Maybe the abandoned game?

Gorgeous light values, Steve. It's nice to see your drawings once in a while.

Karim said...

Oh wow, these are so good. The shading on the first guy especially. I have no idea what property they're from, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Yosef. I know you most of all because of Sam and Max, but these are great sketches.

Oort said...

No clue but I feel like ive seen the girl's sketch before. No clue about the guy. Have you ever published these before?

Hethe Srodawa said...

I have no idea what those are for but I'm dying to find out. I can't get over how nice you drew that highlight in the dude's hair ... I just love the zigzag shape of it because it describes the form so perfectly and has flair. You're so dang good it hurts sometimes. Alright, all the time.

mackenzie said...

These sketches were development for The Thief of Always correct?
You and Garrett did some amazing drawings on that project. I think the girl's name is Lulu and the guy is the Rictus. As always, it is so much fun to look at your drawings.