Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Leviathan

I have a few more of these little production paintings.

Acrylic 4X9



JP said...
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JP said...

Great stuff!
and from which monkey island is that creature???
Greetings from Chile!

Charles Santoso said...

Very cool! Would lovee to see more of these, Steve.

Thanks for sharing! :D

Unknown said...

Looks awesome - and strangely appropriate considering the title of the third Tales of Monkey Island-episode. I do wonder if the Kraken in the Pirates-movies started out as this guy.

Can't wait for more!

martin said...

if the guy who is holding the rope is guybrush... i believe that if guybrush was in this situation of the drawing, he would be hidden inside of a barrel or escaping lol
but is very cool all the action in the draw, the action is frozen in a scene who catches the attention, and makes you want to know what happens next.
is really awesome, the whole pirate topic, is really inspirator for make cool histories and if you want make funny histories, is much more pleasant.
well i write a lot, sorry and good bye.

Unknown said...

Lovely stuff! More please :)

Jonathan said...

As promised, my updated Monkey Island themed fullsleeve tattoo! Thought I would share with people too:

MrSeanLane said...

This is amazing! Post the other Leviathan pic hi-res!

Javier - FX said...

my favorite game ever

i loaft monkey island

i want a monkey island poster

and that picture could help me

i need more stuffs from monkey

island, how abouy keychains

Vujovic said...

Would've been, could've been, should've been.

Plain awesome.

Anonymous said...

I hope 'the end' one is not a spoiler... you know.