Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aiieee Robot! PART 2!!

Here's a second take on the robot character and true to form, I'm often more partial to the first impulse. Though I don't mind this painting and I'm happy with the colors and shapes, I prefer the guy in the last post. This one has more of a C3PO vibe and feels a bit more predictable as the put-upon service-bot in my opinion.

6X10 --Starchie


Santi said...

This is better than the first one design if this is possible.

hi again Mr i'm from Spain and i want to know if i can send you a piece of your art in order to get signed(i'm a great fan of your sam & max, monkey island... works and i want to have a copy of my monkey island 1 signed by you if possible), i can pay you via paypal, please let me know if we can make this deal, my mail is

Duncan Barton said...

Steve, I love your paintings and concepts to death, thanks for sharing! I grew up on Same & Max hit the Road :-)

Roc Alemany said...

Wow Steve... Here is one fan... I grew up with your designs... playing at Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion... thanks a lot for give me a sense of aesthetics and good taste... Thanks a lot míster!!! kisses

damon said...