Saturday, March 17, 2012

Art School Confidential

As well as a few crudely scrawled Sam & Max strips, I used to do these holiday illustrations for the school paper back at what was then California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA). Here is my Saint Patrick's day installment done in 1982.

Pen and Ink 11X14



Shinji said...

Wow your Artwook was already this good *_*.

I'm a big fan of your work, I've wondered how to contact you (email, form of contact), is this possible ?

Thanks for having made my childhood this colorfull !

Best regards.

Shinji said...

Ho Gosh I forgot, if its possible to contact you, you can send me an email on :

Thanks ^^.

Unknown said...

It's great drawing, Congratulations.
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jeremy001 said...

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frilansspion said...

have you EVER been bad at drawing/painting?? was there no learning period?? =)