Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Digital PofO

Here's a quick Phantom to get used to my new tablet. I'm not planning to switch over completely since I enjoy the tangible aspect of painting on paper. This device is a great tool for blocking in ideas quickly, testing color palettes and the management of images for publishing, to list a few of the benefits.

I'm not sure if I could get great at doing finished paintings digitally, though I'm not opposed to the idea. I'm hoping this "machine" will clear the way for some new projects.

8X10 Digital



maritzac said...

Once you get used to it you'll probably see it's a lot faster to use. Traditional has its charms, but digital has a lot of advantages!

Jonathan said...

Lookin' good, still keeps your original style too. Speaking of which, I wanted to share my FINALLY finished sleeve that I told you about a few years ago. Kotaku wrote a quick article about it yesterday: http://kotaku.com/5892715/an-enormous-amazing-monkey-island-tattoo Your artwork and characters have made a huge impact on would-be pirates and artists over the years.