Monday, January 21, 2008

Blue Monday

Never heard of a phenomenon called Blue Monday.
But that is the term I suddenly hear this day being called on the radio. Something about gloomy weather and generally pessimistic outlooks. The most depressing day of the year they say. In case I hadn't been alerted to the fact now I can know for certain that today is meant to be a bummer.
Mission accomplished.



PaulSketch said...

Your style is awesome!! I love the small painting and the humpty d illustration

never heard of Blue Monday, but it is raining today...nice day for an umbrella walk though

Mish said...

Better start drinking early.

Oort said...

Seems like she’s in quite the blue Monday. Which to save, her hair, or herself from a lifetime in a six by ten foot tank as the main attraction of a traveling circus; wishing only that her next day will be the last. Pretty sure a gross majority of the girls in my high school went through something simmilar.

Emma said...

Is this the mermaid from the auction? I thought about bidding but was broke (and anyway I hear a bidding war started over her...?)

Keep auctioning paintings, please, and maybe I'll score one someday!

flaviano said...

Remorse is simply awesome! thanks for the long interview on Draw! 10, really exhaustive of your work.