Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What the Hell?

I've got piles of this stuff. It's cascading out of my flat files and building up in geologic layers on my art table. I'll be posting some old conceptual burblings as well as whatever my most current time-sucking-after-hours pursuits happen to be.

I promise to add some links to the work of my inspiring colleagues and I'll pretty up that stock title bar one of these days.

Stay tuned.



Mr. Andersson said...

I want to say something meaningful as a first comment, but doesn't got anything really meaningful to say...

I guess I can start by saying that I think you're totally awesome, everything you do is awesome, Sam & Max is awesome and you starting a blog is awsome.

... did I mention that I think you're awesome? =)

HieroHero said...

You need to clone yourself..so we can have one steve purcell working at pixar, and one working on sam & max

Purcell Freak said...

Dont just single out sam & max but yep those two are great. As for suda.. morrrrrrrrrreee.
Any chance on the Rune Quest art covers(even though I know you dont like em so much)
Love the bestiary one.