Friday, October 17, 2008

Frankenstein Week! - Friday

Frankenstein is blue because this is the last official Frankenstein Week posting.
More Halloween posts coming soon. Anybody care about Phantom of the Opera? I mean the cool old Lon Chaney rotting skull head looking guy, not the cheesy half-masked Broadway ballad-singing sad sack.



Oort said...

Works for me.

Vujovic said...

cheesy half-masked Broadway ballad-singing sad sack...hahahaha

great stuff.

Obie Joe Media said...

You'd love the orginal, and historical illustrations in Frankenstein: A Cultural History by Susan Tyler Hitchcock. I loved what she said about why the image of his flattened head persists, even though the orginal description depicts Frankenstein's monster as a bundle of pallid parts.

MACHVII said...

To me, today's Frank has an almost tiki feel (somebody hand me a cocktail...).

Phantom pictures? Delicious. I myself am also partial to the crazy bird look of the Phantom of the Paradise.

I love your shot at the half-masked quasi-Fabio phantom image. The nose-missing-bad-hairline Chaney version is the goods for me!

Thank you for sharing!

Murderously Yours,


Junaid said...

Loved the Frankenstein week! Looking forward to your next posts!

Best wishes,

Karim said...

...Yes, PLEASE.

Mathieu Beaulieu said...

ohh! This one's my favorite you did!
Lon Chaney's face is a great idea!