Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here are a few super quick character sketches from a couple of years ago when Telltale Games was thinking about Satan designs for the Sam & Max series.

Each 8X10 Digital



Vujovic said...

I really like seeing your quick sketches Steve, they tell a lot about the way you work.

David Cousens said...

#2 looks pretty cool, but #4 is an excellent choice, I like the idea of a diminuitive and slightly sad devil! :)

Joel said...

So Hugh Hefner is ????

damon said...


Lois B said...

That little guy with the cocktail is just creepy as hell.

Jarkko said...

I really admire your work Steve!

My first adventure game I ever played was Sam & Max Hit The Road and I still love it.

I collect Lucasarts sealed games and memorablia items.
Do you think you might have some items you would be willing to apart?

I would really appreciate if you could answer my to my email jarkko.kortelainen(at)
I wish I could show few pictures of my current collection too.

Thank you very much!


Visedo said...

Heheh, I really like the little depressive devil on the right :D

By the way, I finally have my print (signed :D) of Monkey Island framed and looks great in my studio! Awesome work!