Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phantom o' the Opera

My nervous habit is drawing the Phantom of the Opera. I have hundreds of drawings of him from times when I'm in meetings or just sitting idle with a pad. Though I'm also fond of drawing Frankensteins, apes, devils and clowns the Phantoms currently dominate by far. I'm assembling a hundred of my favorites to put in a miniature book.

Prismacolor and Marker 5X7



Miquel Montlló said...

Hi Steve,

Your work is very inspiring for me. I' ve been playing monkey Island since I was a child in the nineties, and now I´m working in a game called Runaway3 (same style as Monkey Island), so, in some way, I'm making games instead of playing them thanks to people like you, or Peter Chan, or Tim Schafer.

I made an illustrated tribute to monkey island and I just want you to take a look. Here's the link:

I really hope you like it!!

Thanks for your work and keep posting your awesome paintings and drawings!!

See you!!


Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Miquel Montlló--
Wow, that's amazing! The fans would go berserk for that painting. And I like your title illustration on your blog. Is that Tom Waits? Are these digital paintings? Do you ever paint in oils or acrylics? Excellent work!

Mel said...

I have a nervous habit of drawing Mr Hyde. :)

MACHVII said...


I look forward to purchasing said volume.

I remain...

Murderously Yours,


Miquel Montlló said...

Hi Steve!

Me again! Yes, he is Tom waits, I did that drawing for a collective illustration blog that I created a year ago,, we have a different topic every two weeks, and now we are more than 100 colaborators! The URL is:

Of course you can colaborate if you want (but I'm sure that you are very busy!) (and we have a translator, but I think it is not quite good) .

Yes, they are digital paintings, I use to paint with acrylics and I tried the oils (I really liked it!) but, since three years ago, I worked with pen tablet, because I go faster and the industry demanded that way. But I will get some free time to keep working traditional style!

Thanks for replying my comment, Its fantastic to live on the internet era and to have the oportunity of talking with great artists like you!

Sorry for my poor english, I need to improve it!

I´ll keep visiting your blog!!

See you!


damon said...

very cool

goran said...

which software did you use for that brilliant tribute to monkey island? thanks;)

Kante Luis said...

thank you