Saturday, October 31, 2009


Vegetable orb and sharp implements 10X14



Unknown said...

That's one very cool vegetable orb!

Lois2037 said...


Unkiedev said...

LOVE IT! Great use of the root as nose.

Caveat Production said...

That is amazing! I love that you did all that work to make an amazing pumpkin and then took kind of a crappy blurry photo of it.

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Caveat Productions--
I never had a chance to linger over the photo. Pumpkins are process art anyway. Once you're done cutting them, they begin their rapid journey toward the compost pit.

tinylittlesandra said...

HAHA - Love the nose - very clever.

Sebastian Zissou said...

To Starchie: that thing you said about pumpkings, it's exactly the same for humans beings :)

Jaime said...


aj said...

Hey steve

great pumpkin

2. questions, will you be attending the expo at the end of this month in burbank. If you are, will you have your own booth? Also, would you ever consider coming up with your own line of Dvd's on how to do art. It would be like a total gift from God if you produced a dvd about coloring, because you are a total master of color!-A.j.

Starchie Spudnoggen said...

Thanks for the kind words. Too busy to make the Expo. I assume it will be popular so maybe I'll make it next time. As far as DVD's, I haven't done much teaching but I wouldn't rule it out, though I feel I'm still constantly trying to figure things out every time I make something.

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